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Erotic Delusions By J. Richards

Katrina is a housewife and a mother but also a new business owner and the stress is overwhelming. It piles up until one night, at a hockey game with a friend she has a hallucination of a man trying to seduce her. This might be the first time it happens but it sure isn’t the last. Seemingly everywhere she goes, faces blur and reality slips through her fingers. Making her see, feel and hear erotic fantasies that aren’t really happening.

She gains the courage to ask for help when her little hiccups become too much and she gets lost going to a local coffee shop, one she visits regularly. Can the help of her husband, best friend and a team of doctor’s figure out how to treat her symptoms and bring her back to the normal life she hopes to lead? Or will her husband be the one to save her, even if that means he has to step into the role of a Dominant that will push all of her fears and stress from her brain.

Reader note: contains adult language/situation, light BDSM, and submission elements.

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