Author TK Lawyer

Jasper, The Guardian League

Tatiana seeks rare, coveted treasure: a strong, loving, committed male she can respect, be proud of and become her full-fledged, partner. She has sought this elusive prince among men, her own personal champion but instead found many, many frogs and quite a few toads. Does her hero exist on Earth or did she miss her opportunity? Jasper isn’t seeking a mate. His only intention is to rescue Tatiana from a fatal car accident, but he finds himself drawn to her in ways he can’t explain. She’s a rare, precious gem and there’s no turning back for him. He must know her and introduce himself in some sort of “human” fashion, at some sort of “human” event, for he is not of Earth. Once Tatiana finds out Jasper’s true identity, will she accept and trust him? Will Tatiana allow herself to enter into a permanent, loving relationship with an unearthly but powerful being who only wants to adore and protect her?

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Author Echo Shea

Light a Candle For the Beast
In the haze of warm red turning purple, black wings carve through the air, my tie to land. He comes closer and closer, then lands on a tree trunk slowly working its way to shore on the tides of the river.
I wave to him, my present from the goddess, and return to the task at hand, the knife strapped across my chest.
At the very bottom of the river, there is a cave that leads to a sieve. In heavy rains, if one is so unlucky to be brought here by the undertow, they get caught in the tangle of limbs and skeletal rock of worn limestone, and drown. I push through and swim further down into the cavern, into what’s known as an underground river. You could swim for miles, if you didn’t know where to stop.
I watch for the marker, a vine of rock thick as my wrist, twisted into a double helix, and curved into a shape some might use their imagination to call a pretzel.
Using the marker to pull myself up, I break the surface of the water and remind myself to breathe through my mouth and nose again. The air is musty, stale, and damp, and the rock ceiling is low enough if I jumped up in the water, I could touch it with my hands.
I catch sight of a boat carved out of bone so old, it’s grown brown and laced together with calcium and lime so tightly, it refuses to sink. Beyond the shadow of the rock ledge, a hunched figure takes shape and slowly comes toward me. With my larger eyes, I can see everything better, but I still can’t see him.
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Author Angel Rose…/…/B012EHL5NW

Dark drama, love, erotic-suspense.(ADULT CONTENT 18 AND OVER ONLY)
This is a story that will grip your heart and leave you wondering what will happen next to Jenesis. Jenesis has been tormented all of her life by her father, the monster underneath her bed. She has nightmares every night and lives her life consumed by her memories. She’s never been intimate with a man. She trusts no one. She’s never known true love.
The only person she’s ever loved was her mother and when tragedy strikes, she decides to pick up and leave the memories that have tortured her soul behind.angel b h teaser

Author J Richards

Soaked in Pleasure By J. Richards

A jealous ex. A Dominant new lover. A dangerous combination.

Jessica Price has finally ditched her jerk ex-boyfriend, Joey, and is now living with her new neighbor, Dillon Wade. Having traded crazy for controlled, Jessica is experiencing a whole new world of trust and respect—and amazing sex. Spanking, bondage, trust, and control—and Jessica couldn’t be happier, but Joey thinks she’s simply being a tease. Joey is all for this new “game” of Jessica’s and thinks she’s found the ultimate way to turn him on.

But when Dillon finally moves all of Jessica’s things out of Joey’s house, Joey panics at the thought that she may have actually left him for their new neighbor. And Joey has no intention of letting anybody take what belongs to him…


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Author J Richards

Do you like to read something different and new? Something that is fun but gives you a few things to think about? Go one Click Erotic Delusions! #FREE in #KINDLEUNLIMITED!

Erotic Delusions By J. Richards

Katrina is a housewife and a mother but also a new business owner and the stress is overwhelming. It piles up until one night, at a hockey game with a friend she has a hallucination of a man trying to seduce her. This might be the first time it happens but it sure isn’t the last. Seemingly everywhere she goes, faces blur and reality slips through her fingers. Making her see, feel and hear erotic fantasies that aren’t really happening.

She gains the courage to ask for help when her little hiccups become too much and she gets lost going to a local coffee shop, one she visits regularly. Can the help of her husband, best friend and a team of doctor’s figure out how to treat her symptoms and bring her back to the normal life she hopes to lead? Or will her husband be the one to save her, even if that means he has to step into the role of a Dominant that will push all of her fears and stress from her brain.

Reader note: contains adult language/situation, light BDSM, and submission elements.

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