Author Nia Farrell

J.T. Santiago has never had a male submissive, but Grace and Nico are a package deal. Three soul mates, together again, forging a future from the flames of their pasts.

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WARNING: Explicit sexual content, written for mature readers 18+.

BLURB: Grace Murphy is the local psychic medium who dreams of her soulmates – Nico White, a bisexual American Indian musician, and J.T. Santiago, an ex-Navy SEAL and former cage fighter with PTSD on top of the guilt that he’s still carrying from other lifetimes that they’ve shared. J.T. is a dominant, but he’s never had a male submissive and Grace and Nico are a package deal. It’s a learning curve for all of them, with J.T.’s initiation into MMF and MM relations and Grace’s introduction to BDSM. With Grace’s yin, J.T’s yang, and Nico’s center balance, the three of them come together as far as J.T.’s PTSD will allow, but forging a future means healing the past, however painful it might be, in an interracial paranormal MMF ménage BDSM erotic romance.

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