Author Audra Hart

Liberty Smith is a big beautiful, intelligent and talented woman who has disavowed a vital part of her true nature after being confronted with TRUE EVIL when she helped bring down a human trafficking ring specializing in selling BDSM sex slaves.

After that traumatic time in her life, Liberty has fervently denied her own needs and pushed her beloved Dom completely out of her life… Now, a NEW EVIL is stalking Liberty. But DESTINY always has a plan.

Two powerful and dominating men, (a former King of Persia turned vampire & and centuries old powerful Spell Weaver), believe they are Liberty’s FATED MATES. They want to make Liberty their own, to protect, to cherish and to dominate… for eternity.

Will Liberty run again or make a stand?

Inception: Episode One of the Demise of the Moon Trilogy is ONLY THE BEGINNING for these three fated mates.

Begin the journey for only 99 cents or FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited!

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