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I can’t wait to read Michaels point of view!! Here is a small blurb for you…

Loving Heart by Angel Rose

I didn’t escape.

He overpowered me.

I lost the battle and suffered an unspeakable betrayal at the hands of the man I once called my father.

Not knowing the truth, my husband was part of the plan.

They destroyed my life.

They destroyed my being.

But, I still loved Michael…unconditionally.

This baby I carry is my Savior.

He’s everything I always wanted and everything I will ever need.

Something in my past is revealed and the shocking truth turns my world upside down…again.

My entire childhood obliterated before my eyes.

I forgave Michael.

I needed him.

At least I thought I did, until someone from my past walked back into my life.

My feelings are torn, so is my love for Michael.

Maybe the future holds more for me and my baby.

Maybe HE and the baby are all I need.

Can HE bring the  peace and love I need to heal my open wounds?

Or will Michael and I finally get our happily ever after?

Or will this new man destroy us both?

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