Author Audra Hart

Liberty Smith is a big beautiful, intelligent and talented woman who has disavowed a vital part of her true nature after being confronted with TRUE EVIL when she helped bring down a human trafficking ring specializing in selling BDSM sex slaves.

After that traumatic time in her life, Liberty has fervently denied her own needs and pushed her beloved Dom completely out of her life… Now, a NEW EVIL is stalking Liberty. But DESTINY always has a plan.

Two powerful and dominating men, (a former King of Persia turned vampire & and centuries old powerful Spell Weaver), believe they are Liberty’s FATED MATES. They want to make Liberty their own, to protect, to cherish and to dominate… for eternity.

Will Liberty run again or make a stand?

Inception: Episode One of the Demise of the Moon Trilogy is ONLY THE BEGINNING for these three fated mates.

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Author C.A Knoble

In a serious rut, bestselling horror novelist Danny MacMillan needs a change. Intent on writing a non-fictional account of an infamous witchcraft trial, he decides to travel to Paisley, Scotland to research his book in the place the incident occurred. Pleased with the helpfulness of Angus Campbell, the administrator of the local Historical Society, Danny surprisingly finds himself in a burgeoning relationship with an American woman, Ashley Jimenez, who is studying abroad. However, he soon discovers the idyllic setting is not as it appears.
The seemingly peaceful town harbours many secrets and Danny finds himself the target of a sinister plan. Unsure of whom to trust, he must uncover the truth of the past, a task that plummets him into a tumultuous journey of self-discovery and unearths unimaginable horrors.
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Author Angel Rose

Coming Soon!!!

I can’t wait to read Michaels point of view!! Here is a small blurb for you…

Loving Heart by Angel Rose

I didn’t escape.

He overpowered me.

I lost the battle and suffered an unspeakable betrayal at the hands of the man I once called my father.

Not knowing the truth, my husband was part of the plan.

They destroyed my life.

They destroyed my being.

But, I still loved Michael…unconditionally.

This baby I carry is my Savior.

He’s everything I always wanted and everything I will ever need.

Something in my past is revealed and the shocking truth turns my world upside down…again.

My entire childhood obliterated before my eyes.

I forgave Michael.

I needed him.

At least I thought I did, until someone from my past walked back into my life.

My feelings are torn, so is my love for Michael.

Maybe the future holds more for me and my baby.

Maybe HE and the baby are all I need.

Can HE bring the  peace and love I need to heal my open wounds?

Or will Michael and I finally get our happily ever after?

Or will this new man destroy us both?

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Author J Richards

Soaked in Pleasure By J. Richards

A jealous ex. A Dominant new lover. A dangerous combination.
Jessica Price has finally ditched her jerk ex-boyfriend, Joey, and is now living with her new neighbor, Dillon Wade. Having traded crazy for controlled, Jessica is experiencing a whole new world of trust and respect—and amazing sex. Spanking, bondage, trust, and control—and Jessica couldn’t be happier, but Joey thinks she’s simply being a tease. Joey is all for this new “game” of Jessica’s and thinks she’s found the ultimate way to turn him on.
But when Dillon finally moves all of Jessica’s things out of Joey’s house, Joey panics at the thought that she may have actually left him for their new neighbor. And Joey has no intention of letting anybody take what belongs to him…
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Author Echo Shea

Only ‪#‎99cents‬!

Bikers are sort of pissy. So are werewolves.

Dealing with the devastating end to her long-term relationship with Cobweb, Eunice decides to pick up the broken pieces of her heart and glue them back together with the healing song of nature and a nourishing brandy to replenish the soul.

As evening falls on her drunken pity party in the park, it’s time to head home and deal with the consequences of the not-so-anonymous tip to the cops and what she may or may not have done to Cobweb’s bike–and clubhouse.

All thoughts of that end when something bigger than a pissed off biker gets ahold of her–nothing says burning calories like booking it through woods with a mermaid-killing werewolf at your heels.

Will Cobweb miss her? Will Eunice survive?

Friendship, bikers, werewolves, and repurposed tinfoil. Some stories just have it all.



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Author K.L Silver


“K L Silver’s ‘voice’ stands out from the pack, verging on brilliant. Aside from the unique storylines, the sex is so hot you need gloves to hold your Kindle!
Both novels were unputdownable.
I can’t recommend them highly enough!” (Amazon)