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Soaked in Pleasure By J. Richards

A jealous ex. A Dominant new lover. A dangerous combination.
Jessica Price has finally ditched her jerk ex-boyfriend, Joey, and is now living with her new neighbor, Dillon Wade. Having traded crazy for controlled, Jessica is experiencing a whole new world of trust and respect—and amazing sex. Spanking, bondage, trust, and control—and Jessica couldn’t be happier, but Joey thinks she’s simply being a tease. Joey is all for this new “game” of Jessica’s and thinks she’s found the ultimate way to turn him on.
But when Dillon finally moves all of Jessica’s things out of Joey’s house, Joey panics at the thought that she may have actually left him for their new neighbor. And Joey has no intention of letting anybody take what belongs to him…
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Author Angel Rose

Loving Heart by Angel Rose  COMING SOON!!!


Introduce us to the main characters:
Jenesis Heart, Michael Hunter, David Hearns

How do these two meet?
Michael and Jenesis meet in the elevator at John Jay college of Criminal Justice in New York City. Turns out, he’s the guest speaker in her class.

How would you characterize their relationship in one word answers, start, middle and end?
Beginning: Obsessive
Middle: Loving
End: Tumultuous

What three words would you use to describe this story?
Dark, Erotic, Suspenseful

How much real life do you put into or influences your books?
I would call this book realistic fiction. It can happen.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?
Writing with little noise. Kids make noise! LOL

What are your current projects?
I have a new book out called Stone that should be released in January 2016.

How do you go about choosing the title for your book(s)?
The title is usually associated with the character’s name.

Which of your books is your favorite and why?
I love the final book, Loving Heart. It has Michael’s POV. It shows why he behaved the way he did in the first two books. It focused more on him than anyone.

What would you want to tell your readers?
This is not your typical romance story. The storyline is dark. It is not your book boyfriend type of read. But, if you love dark, erotic, and a book that contains situations that characters struggle to get through and finally have their happy ending, then this book is for you! Trust me, sometimes the heroin is actually the one that can survive all of the bad that’s happened to her instead of confronting it head on. She doesn’t always have to be strong. She doesn’t always have to be as smart as a whip and she doesn’t always have to get the last word. Sometimes, heroines are the unsung heroes who come in like a lamb and come out like a lion!

Author Echo Shea

Manor of Sweet Souls: Gladys Celebrates:
Gladys is a troll you don’t want to mess with. A guardian to the portal, it’s Gladys’s job to keep that which goes bump in the night and shines so pretty in the day!
No body’s stuffing this troll under a bridge. Put a little Gladys in your life. #fantasy #urbanfantasy #paranormal #Amazon #freebook #freebieFriday #booklove
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Author Audra Hart

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A new addition to the BEAST REALM is coming soon!

Many have fallen in love with Mara and Logan! Meet the newest Beast Realm couple that will steal your heart, fire your passions and make you say, “Oh My!”

TWO LOVERS, from different worlds.

Rayne Nýchta, Greek demi-god and Celtic Wolf Shifter who has no intention of settling down, but the FATES have other plans.

Amber Cumberland, a young mortal woman with a brilliant intellect and a past that makes TRUST a dirty word. Now she learns she has the potential to become a powerful magical immortal and a FATED mate in Rayne.

Two untethered souls… INEXPLICABLY DRAWN together by FATE despite their deep misgivings…

“Rayne – Sons of Darkness”, a new standalone novella set in the BEAST REALM universe… Coming SOON on amazon!

In the meanwhile, begin the journey with Mara and Logan’s HOT, action packed adventures. (D/s romance with fantastic paranormal elements and plenty of action, in and out of the bedroom)

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Audra h Rayne