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By Terri M

This is the second book in the submission series. I cannot say enough about this series or the Author, they are both terrific. This picks up right where Burning Submission left off. Vicki is waiting to meet Gavin her dom. Vicki is just getting over a terrible ordeal in which Gavin saves her life. As Vicki is leaving to get in Gavin’s truck Vicki is confronted with a reminder of her ordeal. Gavin comes out to find Vicki in his truck curled up and she tell him what happened. Gavin goes back into protection mode, as things are happening Gavin is involved in a accident, while he is helping out with an accident as a volunteer firefighter. Gavin is a very strong man who becomes very agitated with the situation at hand. What is going to happen to Vicki and Gavin, will Vicki have to face the ordeal by herself, will Gavin’s accident tear them apart. Are they going to be able to overcome and triumph. J. Richards has a fantastic ability to draw you into her stories and you can imagine yourself as one of the characters. She is truly an author that you are not going to want to pass by.

By Kristy D

I am amazed at this authors writing skills. For a short story I am in awww. The story feels longer than 90 pgs. The details and emotions are strong and leave you with that book hangover feeling, but no cliffhangers. Can’t wait for the next book.
Overview. This is the second story. So please read book 1 so you know what happened. Gavin and Vicki have kept there relationship going after the psycho was put in jail. Gavin asks Vicki to meet at the local bar. When she gets there she is mad that he is late, but he plans a special reward. Gavin introduces her to Smith, a friend from the fire station. They have a good time. On the way out, Vikki is approached by a guy and he scares her, letting her know that Dave is still watching out for her. Gavin freaks and talks to the local cops, but no suspect is found. Gavin has/was in a major accident. The accident starts to change their lives and test their relationship. That is until Stacey, Uri, and Vikki decide to make Gavin see past his injuries. But once her sees Vikki in the BDSM environment, he knows his heart is now on the line.
An Agitated Gentleman ¸.•*¨)*★*´¨) #FREE in #KU
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