Author Echo Shea

enjoy a little fun and fantasy..

By Tracy  

A Tinfoil Hat of my Own, a fun short read that was packed with bikers, brandy mermaid killing werewolves, Patriots and tinfoil hats…
This fun quirky read had me spraying coffee out my nose..
-“please let him come down with some sort of flesh-eating bacteria that aims at his baby-making equipment first. Amen, ohm, Namaste.”-

If you looking for a quick read to escape from the real world, then grab A Tinfoil Hat of my own and enjoy a little fun and fantasy..
Looking forward to reading more from this author.

A Tinfoil Hat of My Own by Echo Shea

A little about the Story: Eunice has a bad break up with Cobweb and throws a major Tantrum. He being apart of the Hell’s Angels MC, she walks away knowing they will come after her. Little did she know, they weren’t the only ones & how drastically her life would change.

Lena’s Opinion

Pros- I Love this Short Story. Humor in the mist of danger. Sarcastic Humor at that. She is being attacked by something and instead of screaming frantically, she is trying to figure out what it could be and how to get out of the situation. Eunice is my kinda girl. I would like to say more but it is a short story and I don’t want to give anything more away.

Cons- It’s A Short Story lol Not really a Con except, I wanted to read MORE!

If you like Short Stories and Want a Good One, Add this one to your TBR but seriously Read it.

I Give this Story 4 Stars☆☆☆☆

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