Author Audra Hart

I could read this entire series over and over! The relationship at the heart of these tales is intense, gritty, character driven and yet so touching you will be moved as you read each book.
Do you enjoy exploring the darker side of the human nature and the darker side of intimacy? Do you enjoy relatable characters with true depth, passion and fire in their souls? Do you simply melt when you read sizzling, hot kinky sex? THEN I’VE GOT THE BOOK SERIES FOR YOU!
One man, one woman…
a Celtic Wolf & a Greek Werebear.
Lovers from different worlds.
Bound by FATE…
Separated by hatred, unbelievable cruelty and ancient prejudice.
Reunited by DESTINY…
Embarking on a journey of HOMECOMING, RESCUE & REDEMPTION
MARA’S HOMECOMING – Episode I of the Beast Realm Chronicles
CAMERON’S RESCUE – Episode II of the Beast Realm Chronicles
LOGAN’S REDEMPTION – Episode III of the Beast Realm Chronicles

BRC Audra

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