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Numerous 5 STAR reviews for the Airendell Chronicles!

“If you are a fan of Paranormal Romance and Norse mythology then you will enjoy this series. Audra Hart does a wonderful job of integrating vampires, spell weavers, witches and demi-gods into one passion filled series.” Ap2514

“I have come to love this series so much and would recommend it to anyone at this stage!!” Michelle Rattigan

” The blend of Norse Mythology with other paranormals sucked me right in. This series has something for everybody. How Audra Hart fuses witches, vampires, gods and spell weavers is masterful. She really knows how to immerse the reader into this world she has created.” Missi Metz

“I love the passion and heart of the characters it just gets better and better.” Carmen

” Fantastic Series…..HIGHLY Recommended” Cj


Begin your journey through magical realms with Lucian and Morna in the Lost Wanderer Awakened as they overcome ancient enemies, build a strong family and sow the seeds of new dynasty of Immortal beings.

Lost Wanderer Awakened – Book One of the Airendell Chronicles –

First Spell Weaver of Airendell – Book Two of the Airendell Chronicles –

Wicked Rage of the Moon – Book Three of the Airendell Chronicles –

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