Author Audra Hart

Numerous 5 STAR reviews for the Airendell Chronicles!

“If you are a fan of Paranormal Romance and Norse mythology then you will enjoy this series. Audra Hart does a wonderful job of integrating vampires, spell weavers, witches and demi-gods into one passion filled series.” Ap2514

“I have come to love this series so much and would recommend it to anyone at this stage!!” Michelle Rattigan

” The blend of Norse Mythology with other paranormals sucked me right in. This series has something for everybody. How Audra Hart fuses witches, vampires, gods and spell weavers is masterful. She really knows how to immerse the reader into this world she has created.” Missi Metz

“I love the passion and heart of the characters it just gets better and better.” Carmen

” Fantastic Series…..HIGHLY Recommended” Cj


Begin your journey through magical realms with Lucian and Morna in the Lost Wanderer Awakened as they overcome ancient enemies, build a strong family and sow the seeds of new dynasty of Immortal beings.

Lost Wanderer Awakened – Book One of the Airendell Chronicles –

First Spell Weaver of Airendell – Book Two of the Airendell Chronicles –

Wicked Rage of the Moon – Book Three of the Airendell Chronicles –

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Author Echo Shea



A Tinfoil Hat of My Own

Anyway, I was just stumbling down the trail, minding my own business, when I heard it: a cross between a woman’s scream and a witch’s cackle. Or a blow horn and a leaky balloon. Either way it was bone-chilling. I clutched my bottle of brandy closer to my chest. Not that I’m the kind of girl that takes a fifth of brandy into the park often, mind you, but Cobweb and I had just broken up and I was really depressed. It turns out he wasn’t ready for a committed relationship, which probably explains why he had lots of baby mommas, but none of them had given birth yet. There’s three months of my life I’ll never get back again. I mean, if you can’t trust a Hell’s Angel, who can you trust?

Well, perhaps we hadn’t ended on the best of terms, what with me taking a sledge hammer to his bike and all and writing about his mother’s private life on his clubhouse and giving tips to the police that I really wish I remembered to specify as anonymous. Needless to say I was a little edgy.

I walked a little farther, kind of paranoid, but of course it wasn’t a Hell’s Angel. It was a werewolf. After all, I flattened all of the gang members’ tires and set their cute little garage on fire. I expected a little more resilience in a garage that costs a million five, but it responded to a few pounds of C4 just like any other place.

So anyway, I didn’t really realize it was a werewolf at first. I thought, you know, ghost, or of course, zombie, but shit just wasn’t adding up. For instance, the weight that hit me from behind was substantial and fast and everyone knows that ghosts and zombies are neither. It also had sharp teeth, but I thought zombie teeth would be sort of dull and to be honest, kind of wiggly what with the rotting flesh and all.

Then I thought, well, duh, vampire. So I took the ring of garlic I wear around my neck (I’m a naturalist by the way, but I suppose you guessed that when I said garlic, right? The strongman of the earth’s perfumes.) and shoved it into the thing’s mouth. It was hard to wedge the garlic between his teeth and my spine, my hand sticky with blood and saliva and I was like, ew, gross, but then it started spluttering and I was like yeah, suck on that!

But then I got a look back. Damn, werewolf. Of course. So I was going to bite it on the nose like a dog, because I wasn’t wearing silver. The year before I had got to thinking that silver’s not really my color and so I had switched to gold. Not yellow gold, ick, but white gold. So anyway, I didn’t have any silver on me and I started to think biting him on the nose wasn’t going to turn out too well for me, so I decided to run.

Echo tin hat

Author Savannah Hill


There is a hunger that blood alone cannot satisfy… Growing up in a world of privilege, Royal Gabriel never questioned the source of her father’s great wealth or his cruel enslavement of the human-like beings known as “bloodlings.” Now grown to exquisite womanhood, she can no longer ignore Charles Gabriel’s wickedness, especially after encountering his latest captive—the alpha bloodling pack leader he calls “X”—chained in the basement of the family estate. Royal is captivated by the sensuous power of this creature who is expected to battle to the death against others of his race in her father’s underground fighting arena. But only after she sets him free—after surrendering to his poisonous bite and raw passion—does she learn the alpha’s true history, and her bloodthirsty lover’s real name: Maddox. With bloodling venom coursing through her veins, Royal feels herself growing, changing, awakening like never before beneath the alpha’s tender touch. Now only Maddox can save her. But the inescapable demands of a breathtaking, forbidden love and the fire Maddox has ignited within her are leading Royal down a dangerous path, branding her a traitor and hunted enemy of her own vengeful bloodline.

Author C.A Knoble

Desperate to escape from his deceitful ex-fiancée Kim, Josh Dawson awaits the train that will carry him to his fresh start in a different city. A chance meeting with the somewhat flaky but extremely alluring Tara, who is also fleeing her past, leads to an intimate encounter and then to a burgeoning relationship.

The appearance of Kim cuts short Josh’s glee at his content new existence. She awakens forgotten emotion within him as she pleads for her second chance and a new beginning for them as a couple. Forced to examine if his feelings for Tara are genuine or merely a rebound from Kim, Josh faces a near-impossible decision. He must choose between two vastly different women, an act that will elate one and devastate the other.

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C.A the brooding

Author Kelsie Belle

The White Witch’s Legacy: Raven

When Xander Kane meets a delectable exotic dancer in a bar, he is instantly drawn to her striking beauty. He knows he has to have her, but when he finally convinces her to let him take her home, she disappears without a trace after they share an electrifying night together. He never thought he would see her again, but when fate takes her right back to his doorstep he is intent on making her pay for running out on him like she did. But Raven is not what she seems, and the secrets she hides, coupled with his own dark skeletons, threatens to destroy any hope that Xander harbored for them.
Raven embarks on a perilous journey to protect her mother’s legacy and finds herself fighting for her life at every turn. When she meets Xander Kane, he is everything she wants in a man and everything she cannot afford to let herself have right now. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that confront them at every turn and find their way to love?
A Siren Erotic Romance

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