Author Angel Rose


Jenesis made her CHOICE. She chose them BOTH.  Her LIFE was the way she thought it should be. It wasn’t perfect but, she was happy. She never doubted their love. She never questioned their trust, until…She saw the CHANGE.  Now the choice was no longer hers. She was torn by her love. She was torn by her emotions. She was in too deep and she knew the truth, and she knew…the truth would never SET HER FREE.  Jenesis’ life would change forever in a way…she never expected.  Who could she turn to? Will she escape unscathed? Or will she suffer an unspeakable betrayal at the hands of the man she once loved?

angel rose


Author C.A Knoble

When billionaire Aaron Hudson dines in the relatively unknown restaurant run by Chef Bree Myers, she believes his appearance will be great for business. He is Toronto’s penultimate bachelor: handsome, rich, charming and coveted by countless women. Bree not only sees an increase in business but is surprised when he seems to take it upon himself to elevate the standing of the restaurant and further her career. He arranges for the city’s top food critic to review the restaurant and then sets his sights on having something Bree had not bargained for: her. When she is resistant to his advances, Aaron turns up the heat. He wants her and Hudsons always get what they desire. A relationship starts rockily and Bree soon finds that the upscale world of fame and fortune is increasingly difficult to endure. A betrayal finds her feeling the wrath of the Hudsons and Aaron is left pitting family and business loyalties against his love for Bree, and in the eccentric world of the Hudsons, matters of the heart rarely win.

Author Kelsie Belle

“So what are you saying?”
Jared’s gaze met his as he replied, “I’m saying, Cole, that I would love to share my wife with you.”
Cole’s breath hitched as the potent words slammed into him, going straight to his cock. He expelled a harsh breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding, but he was more than a little happy to know he’d been correct in his assumption. “Damn! And here I’ve been praying all night that you couldn’t tell how badly she’s been plaguing my mind.”
Jared chuckled, his face lighting up with mirth. “Didn’t take a psychic to see that you were into her, my man. Or maybe it’s because I know how you operate.”
“Maybe. But tell me this, how do you know she’ll be into it? You guys have obviously never done anything like that.”
“No, but I can tell she’s into you, too, and she has a very open mind when it comes to sex.”
“I see.” Cole nodded, playing with the rim of his bottle for a moment while he contemplated the situation. Finally, he asked, “So would you just come right out and tell her that’s what we want to do?”
That’s what they’d done with Natasha and it turned out she was just as game as they were. But Julie, now she might be a whole different kettle of fish. If Jared was wrong and she wasn’t okay with it, then it could make the situation extremely uncomfortable for them all.
“No, I don’t think so. I think the best way to handle Julie is to show her what we want to do with her.”