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“Maybe she’s the one.” He said with a pat on his knee, making him feel like a cherub again sitting with the crones. He momentarily scowled at him before reaching out and prying his hand away from his leg.

“Even if she is, something is holding her back.”

“If anyone can get through to her, it would be you.” Aviur twisted his arm trying to free it from Dag’s grasp, but the other man held fast.

“And you.” He whispered, tugging the other man to him. He reached out with his free hand and slid it along his cheek caressingly before leaning in and kissing him softly.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry!” They pulled away unabashedly as they looked over at the door where Lena stood.

“How did you get in here?” Aviur reacted first, rising only to step closer to her as if inspecting her. He didn’t accuse her of anything malice, it was plain curiosity. Lena looked from one man to the next.

“Am I not supposed to be here? You told me to find you when I was finished.”

Dagon rose as well and came to her, staring at her in the same curious way as Aviur was. She suddenly felt uncomfortable, fidgeting on the spot under their scrutiny.

“No, I did… I didn’t expect you’d be able to find me here.”

“Is your bedroom off limits? I can go; I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

They both shook their heads at the same time in a strange reflective way.

“You weren’t interrupting. We were discussing something.”

“It didn’t look like that from my vantage point.” She muttered, but they both heard her and immediately both of them were grinning at her mischievously. No wonder Fae had a bad rap for getting into trouble, both of them looked like trouble right now.

“You don’t know how to discuss adequately.” It was Aviur who spoke first and stepped forward, grabbing her waist gently. She started only slightly and despite her rising discomfort she didn’t feel afraid or nervous. She looked from one man to the next, trying to make sense of what they were doing.

“Let the King show you how he discusses things…” Aviur moved around her slowly, never taking his hand off her waist as he came around to her back and all but boxed her in between their tall, muscular frames. Dagon chanced a single glance at his friend before nodding as if they were having some silent conversation while he stepped forward and slid his hand along the other side of her waist locking her in.

His free hand repeated the same gesture on Aviur as Dagon leaned in slowly. She felt a jolt course through her from her nose to her stomach. Her eyes were locked on his, entranced as his lips slowly came and pressed against hers.

It felt like the world exploded around her. The room around her suddenly went bright, and she’d gone deaf as her ears rung with a high pitched ringing. But as quickly as that all happened she was suddenly back between the two men, and it was them and there was nothing around them. Dagon’s lips were gentle on hers, slowly moving them with each deeper brush and she felt herself instinctively responding. It had been a long time since she had been kissed and she was almost sure she had never been kissed like this. She felt like she was floating as her mind dizzied. If they were trying to discuss anything she wasn’t sure how that was possible because she couldn’t make rhyme or reason of anything.

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