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Author Kyleigh CastronaroI’m fairly confident that I came out of womb reading the book. I’ve always loved stories in whatever medium they come. Books, movies, television shows… It didn’t matter. I didn’t discriminate (I still don’t!). It was only a natural progression that I become a writer myself.

I’ve been telling stories for as long as I’ve been reading. Even if it was just standing in front of my family acting out dramatic retellings of my day or making up stories of my own it didn’t matter. It was only a matter of time until I branched out into being a real writer and sharing my stories with friends and strangers alike. And you know what? It’s the best job in the world.

I write dirty, sexy stories about humans & their supernatural lovers. I grew up dreaming of being a Greek Goddess, not a Princess, so I wrote a book about it. In my Grace of Gods series normal humans find out they possess the souls of Greek Gods within them. They are whisked out of their lives and brought to Mount Olympus, thrust into the new and dramatic lives of their Gods.

What inspired you to write your first book? I used to be apart of the online writing roleplay community. Aidan and Savannah were a couple whom my writing partner and I created and their story exploded from there. After some time they lost their focus and one year for NaNoWriMo I needed an idea so I asked my partner if I could use them to write their story. After that it’s all history.

How much real life do you put into or influences your books? Not a whole lot since I write Fantasy. I will take pieces of people’s history who I know and put into my characters more than anything. I like talking to people as well and while I’m speaking to people I’ll learn things about them that I can apply to my characters as well.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? Staying focused. Once I sit down and write, actually write, it goes by so fast and I can be super productive. But if I have to google something it’s all downhill from there. I’ll be on Facebook, I’ll be on Twitter, I’ll be on Youtube. It doesn’t matter how much I want to write I have writer’s ADD. I’m still trying to come up with a good way to keep myself distraction free while writing, I’ll let you know if I ever crack the secret.

What are your current projects? Currently I’m working on All Hail the King, the fourth and possibly final book in my Grace of Gods series. I also am editing my Christmas story due out in a few weeks: White Frost. I have a few other projects started but none of them are taking my full attention right now and they’ll probably be on hold until 2016.

How do you go about choosing the title for your book(s)? Sometimes the titles come to me – the Grace of Gods series is easy as they’re all play on words of famous royal sayings. Other times I’m completely at a loss so I like to include my community and I often ask for suggestions on Facebook. My readers titled Desecrated Beauty and they voted for White Frost.

What is your favorite genre to write? Paranormal. I love the whole idea of different supernatural races living amongst us in the shadows.

Generally, how long does it take you to complete a book from idea to handing it over to your publisher? I’m my own publisher but if I commit to one project at a time it takes about two months. One month to write and one month to edit/format/publish. Now, if I REALLY focused. It would probably only take one month. I’ve never tried that, but maybe I’ll challenge myself to do that some time in the future.

Do you ever use someone in your life as a sounding board for ideas or do you prefer to work alone? Absolutely, I always run my ideas by everyone! Mostly my husband and writing partner though. She is usually the one who tells me if I’m on to something or gives me suggestions for better drama. We call each other brain twins.

Do your travel to research for your book(s)? Nah, I just travel. And if I like the place, it might end up in my book. To be honest though, currently the two main places featured and named in my books I’ve never actually been to (Greece and New York City).

Did you learn anything while writing your book(s)? I learned about myself more than anything and what I can do once I put my mind to it.

Have you ever had an idea for a book but never written it and what is it? Oh gods yes. Thousands! Where do I even begin…

.Tattoos randomly appeared on skin and you had to figure out what the meaning meant for yourself

.Memories are the dominant currency and a girl sells a particular memory that comes back to haunt her but she has no point of referral to help her.

.When you die your debt was worth your weight in gold – is your life worth it?

.Cupid hitting the wrong person with his arrow

The list goes on and on… I have an entire notebook dedicated to one line ideas. You’re not going to steal them are you?

When writing, do you have a process? Write. Haha, that’s generally what happens. I pick a story line and I sit down and I just get it out of my head.

Do you have any advice for new authors looking to make their own literary statement? If you plan to pursue self-publishing WAIT before doing it. Have a back list. You’ll be more successful and people will be more likely to trust your brand if you have more than one book on your backlist.

How many books have you written? Do you have a particular favorite? I have 9 written. I LOVE Desecrated Beauty. But then I love all of my books for different reasons. But DB is definitely the book I wrote for myself because it’s a book I would read.

Why did you choose to use a publisher instead of self-publishing? Self-published.

Where do your ideas come from? All over. Music, TV, other books, walking down the street and tripping over my own feet. I have a very active imagination that I have to thank for all my ideas.

How many books do you currently have published? I have 5 currently published.

Do you have a favorite Hero or Heroine from any of your books and why?

I like Quill, she’s a no-nonsense no-bullshit kind of girl. She is confident and deadly. I think more girls should be like her.

More About You ~ The Fun and the Naughty

Share one thing about yourself that would surprise people who know you.

I had a bilateral breast reduction when I was 16. I used to be a EEE!

Doggy style, cow girl or missionary? Doggy style, hands fisted in my hair, pressed down… Yum!

What secret sinful pleasure do you keep hidden in your cupboards? I’d love to have a threesome.

Are you a wine or beer kinda gal?  Wine.

If you could go anywhere at all on your next vacation where would you go? I think our next vacation we’re going to head for Greece, or Japan depending on what happens first.

If you could choose any hot famous guy to take with you who would it be and why? I have to pick one!? Taron Egerton, the guy from Kingsman: Secret Service.

Thong, Bikinis, Granny Panties, or Boy shorts? Lacy Boy Shorts

Are you a dress up in heels or a jeans and flats woman? Dress up in (heels) flats.

Homebody or Party all the time girl? Homebody-Party girl. I love hosting dinner parties.

Tall, Dark and Deadly or Smart and Sexy or Athletic and Funny? Smart and Sexy

Significant other or Tearing up the town free and clear? Significant Other <3

Favorite social network and why? Instagram; I love the visual!

What was your “dream” job as a child? What I do now – Author!

What was the worst job you ever had while working towards being a published author? Any job I hold, it’s all in retail and it’s soul-sucking.

What would be your next best choice if not writing as a career? Professor of History.

About Your Latest Release

Introduce us to the main characters:

Magdalena (Lena) Marigold

Dagon Arrowwood

Aviur Greentree

 How do these three meet? ena’s daughter is stolen by the Mionanamithe and she tries to break her way through the realms to enter Aithar Gloine. Aviur is the King’s Guard and feels the shift so he comes for her, bringing her through to Aithar Gloine, not expecting the transition to work. He introduces her to Dagon and the three of them work together to find her daughter.

How would you characterize their relationship in one word answers, start, middle and end?

Start: Unwilling

Middle: Uncertain

End: Unconditional

What three words would you use to describe this story?

Magical, Mystery, Reimagined.


Once upon a time, that’s how most of these stories start. But this isn’t one of those stories…
When Lena was 16 she saw something that no one believed she saw. And for the last 10 years she has lived in perpetual fear of the monster who set his sights on her.

On the outskirts of the city, she lives in a cabin with her daughter Solene who is kidnapped one night by the very creature Lena has been hiding from. Desperate to follow him through the portal the creature takes Solenn through, she is only able to go with the help of a Faery man named Aviur. They enter Aithar Gloine: the place beyond the glass, where she meets Prince Dagon and both men vow to help her find her daughter. But they also want to figure out what makes Lena so special in their realm. With their help, Lena learns things about herself that will forever change the world she lives in. She also finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of emotions anchored to the two men who are helping her. It splits her heart and desires between the two. Her humanity wants her to choose one over the other; but does she have to? Things are different in Aithar Gloine, and as much of an outsider as she is… Lena has the heart of a Faery.

Get whisked away to another world in this magical retelling of the classic Fairy Tale, Rumplestilskin.

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