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Born in Toronto and raised nearby, Cynthia has written her entire life and in multiple genres. After a string of unsatisfying jobs and the onset of a chronic illness, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a published author. A graduate of culinary school, she is also the mother of two boys. She lives in southern Ontario, Canada with her sons, a dog and a cat.

Her first novel, Night’s Companion, is an erotic tale of a woman and her vampire lover. It has been well-received and has spawned several requests for a sequel.

Cynthia’s second novel, Chefree, is a sweet romantic tale of a lonely Chef and how her life is forever changed when handsome billionaire Aaron Hudson makes an appearance in her restaurant.

Her brand-new release, a series of erotic novelettes called, There He Sat, is her foray into short-story writing.

Plans for upcoming works include a horror novel and some paranormal romances.

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What inspired you to write your first book? I have written stories since I was a child. It has only been recently that I have found the courage to share my work with others and to publish it. I wrote Night’s Companion during the raw stages of my grieving the loss of my niece Kaity and it is the first book I published.

How much real life do you put into or influences your books? Occasionally bits of dialogue or a character trait in someone I know may find it’s way into a story but the vast majority is conjured by my imagination.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? I struggle to find balance writing with the promotion I need to accomplish. I wish I could just write endlessly but that is not the reality of my situation.

What are your current projects? My first horror novel, Paisley, is almost finished and I hope to release that soon. I’ve also been working on a mountain lion-shifter romance, another story with a unique take on werewolf packs, I’m revising the last installment in my There He Sat collection and I’m outlining a sequel to Night’s Companion. I’m busy.

How do you go about choosing the title for your book(s)? Truthfully, I kinda suck coming up with titles. I use snippets of song lyrics for titles a lot.

What is your favorite genre to write? I write stories as they come to me. My published works so far are in romance and erotica but I also write horror and fantasy stories.

Generally, how long does it take you to complete a book from idea to handing it over to your publisher? A few months usually, depending on how long the story is and how much research needs to be accomplished.

Do you ever use someone in your life as a sounding board for ideas or do you prefer to work alone? I have a few awesome beta readers and I’m part of an author group, Lascivious Ladies of Literature. The other authors (Gayle Cranfield, Michelle Roth, Kelsie Belle, Suzette Rose Cauler and Sara Anderson) are fabulous at kicking ideas around. I’m very fortunate to be part of such an incredible group.

Do you travel to research for your book(s)? I haven’t yet, no, but I would like that.

Did you learn anything while writing your book(s)? I learn a lot while writing. I learn new things from whatever research I’ve conducted and I always learn more about myself and the process of writing when I write a new story.

Have you ever had an idea for a book but never written it and what is it? I had an idea for a zombie book a few years back but the market is so saturated with zombie stories I didn’t think it would do well so it continues to sit on my hard drive as a partially written novel.

When writing, do you have a process? I do in that I start with an outline. However sometimes as the characters take shape they may dictate a different course of action than I had first thought. I normally write the story chronologically but then sometimes I write major events then go back and fill in smaller scenes. I suppose my process is organic, whatever seems to work for the particular story on which I’m working.

Do you have any advice for new authors looking to make their own literary statement? Write what feels real, to you, to your characters and to your story.

How many books have you written? Do you have a particular favorite? I have written six novels and a collection of five short stories. I love all my stories; they are all my babies. If pressed to choose a favourite, my answer is a horror trilogy entitled The Path of Thorns that has not yet been released.

Why did you choose to use a publisher instead of self-publishing? My first two novels were self-published and I may return to self-publishing in the future. I went with a publisher, Wicked Lass, a division of Eirelander Publishing, for There He Sat, the collection of erotic shorts. I have loved the process of working closely with my editor, Buffi BeCraft, and the stories are better because of her input.

Where do your ideas come from? Normally story ideas just pop into my brain, usually in fully fleshed-out scenes. Occasionally, a song or a photo influences me. Truly, anything can be an inspiration, which is why it is so important for writers to remain aware of their surroundings and events going on around them. Writing is a lonely process and too many writers seclude themselves from the outside world.

How many books do you currently have published? Two full-length novels, a paranormal erotic romance, Night’s Companion and Chefree, a sweet romance and a collection of erotic shorts entitled There He Sat.

Are you working on anything right now? I’m working hard to complete my first horror novel, Paisley, for a December release. After that I have a shifter romance entitled Ravages of Spirit in the works, along with a series surrounding a fire station and, amid many requests, I will begin working on a sequel to Night’s Companion in the new year.

Do you have a favorite Hero or Heroine from any of your books and why?Michelle from Night’s Companion. She suffered a horrible past and was still so strong. I loved how easily she went toe-to-toe with Kord, a vampire, and Drew, the town’s sheriff. Despite all she’d endured, she never backed down when she felt she was right. That conviction and strength is admirable.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your current readers or to those that haven’t yet read your work(s)? I would like to thank my current readers. You are all sensational women and I love and greatly appreciate all the amazing comments and reviews I have received from you. For those that haven’t yet read my work, what are you waiting for? 🙂

More About You ~ The Fun and the Naughty

Share one thing about yourself that would surprise people who know you. I also draw and paint.

Doggy style, cow girl or missionary? This depends on my moods and my partner. My favourite position isn’t mentioned here so I’ll let you wonder what could be my favourite.

What secret sinful pleasure do you keep hidden in your cupboards? Dark chocolate.

Are you a wine or beer kinda gal? Again, this depends on my moods and with whom I am drinking. I’m not much of a drinker but I do enjoy a glass of either now and then.

If you could go anywhere at all on your next vacation where would you go?This is a really tough question as there are many places I would love to visit. Spain has always called to me, as has Italy, Australia and New Zealand. I would also love to visit Ireland again. Oh, and Scotland. Yeah, I could probably go on all day listing off places in which I would love to vacation.

If you could choose any hot famous guy to take with you who would it be and why? I’m going to choose Gerard Butler. He’s worldly, hot, intelligent, funny and in my fantasies he is amazing in bed.

Thong, Bikinis, Granny Panties, or Boy shorts? Granny Panties.

Are you a dress up in heels or a jeans and flats woman? Oh my, try pajama pants and slipper socks for the most part! I do love to dress up when the occasion calls for it but otherwise I’m very casual.

Homebody or Party all the time girl? Homebody, definitely. I fare well in social settings, I just prefer my peace and solitude.

Tall, Dark and Deadly or Smart and Sexy or Athletic and Funny? If we’re ‘building’ a man here, then I want one who is Tall, Dark, Smart, Sexy, Athletic and Funny. If you force me to choose from the above, I’ll take the Smart and Sexy, thank you.

Significant other or Tearing up the town free and clear? I am currently looking for a significant other although I have no problem tearing up the town in the meantime.

Favorite social network and why? Facebook, probably because of the ease of communicating and sharing with others. It feels more intimate to me than some other platforms although social media is a still cold way to communicate.

What was your “dream” job as a child? I wanted to be a veterinarian.

What was the worst job you ever had while working towards being a published author? Retail jobs. Nightmare customers, stupid customers, ignorant customers, lol, I’m sure anyone who has ever worked in a retail environment can empathize.

What would be your next best choice if not writing as a career? I graduated from culinary school. So cooking, and most likely in an institutional setting, would be my next choice.

About Your Latest Release

Introduce us to the main characters:

My latest release is He Sat: Brooding is the third of five shorts in the collection. Each story is told from the male protagonist’s viewpoint. In Brooding, after catching his fiancée in a sexual tryst with his boss, Josh is starting afresh, a new job in a new city. Tara is also starting afresh, having just broken up with her boyfriend.

How do these two meet?

They meet at a train station, both awaiting the train that will whisk them away to their new existence. Mutual goals soon spark an attraction that leads to an intimate encounter on the train.

How would you characterize their relationship in one word answers, start, middle and end?

Cautious. Threatened. Hopeful.

What three words would you use to describe this story?

Hot with a plot. That was four words, sorry.


Desperate to escape from his deceitful ex-fiancée Kim, Josh Dawson awaits the train that will carry him to his fresh start in a different city. A chance meeting with the somewhat flaky but extremely alluring Tara, who is also fleeing her past, leads to an intimate encounter and then to a burgeoning relationship.

The appearance of Kim cuts short Josh’s glee at his content new existence. She awakens forgotten emotion within him as she pleads for her second chance and a new beginning for them as a couple. Forced to examine if his feelings for Tara are genuine or merely a rebound from Kim, Josh faces a near-impossible decision. He must choose between two vastly different women, an act that will elate one and devastate the other.

C.A the brooding

The words on the page swam before Josh’s eyes. Try as he might, he could not concentrate on the book in his hands. Reading was to be a distraction, a way to pass the time whilst waiting for the train. However, the intended carefree task had become an exercise in futility. No matter where he was or what he did, he could not block out the image of Kim, naked, straddling his boss, Lou. He could picture her sweat-soaked hair stuck to her neck and shoulders as her breasts swayed with the effort of riding Lou’s cock fiercely. The heavy scents of perspiration and sex filled his nostrils every time he remembered the horrid sight.

With a huff, he tossed the paperback into the trash container beside him and crossed his arms. He closed his eyes and attempted to focus on the new job that awaited him in a new city. He was grateful for the much-needed fresh start. He only wished that he could feel the elation for it that he should. However, Kim had robbed him of that, among so many other emotions. Now, he was either furious or numb, incapable of feeling anything other than one of those two extremes.

He opened his eyes and looked about the station as he shifted his body on the hard wood bench. At this late hour the building was almost deserted, apparently not many people rode the midnight train to Calgary. He caught sight of a custodian and watched him languidly push a broom around the floor in front of the washrooms. After a few moments, he grew bored of the man’s slow and lazy movements and stared at his shoes, cursing himself for arriving at the station so early. He knew it would be difficult to pass the time and yet he could not stand being in his parent’s home a moment longer.

Despite their continual reassurances that they understood what he was going through, he could not help but feel like a failure when he had had no choice but to temporarily move back home. He truly appreciated them allowing him to stay there while he had found his new job and prepared to move to Calgary. However, he could not bear another second of his father’s encouraging words that starting over was a good thing or his mother’s tearful begging for him to keep in contact as he was moving so far away.

The sound of small wheels caught his attention and he looked up to see a young woman walking toward him. She wheeled two suitcases behind her, one in each hand, and had two bags slung over each shoulder. She shuffled her flip-flop encased feet under the weight she carried, her floral sundress moving erratically around her legs. He wanted to look away but knew she was approaching him. There was no one else present and the lost look upon her face informed him that she was about to ask him something. Steeling himself for an unwanted conversation and hoping it would be over quickly, Josh held her gaze until she stopped before him.

Now he could see how red and puffy the areas around her eyes were. He assumed she had been crying recently. She smiled thinly at him. He thought the gesture looked forced, as if she did not want to smile but believed she should.

“Is this where the train to Calgary boards?”

Her voice was low and timid and held a sweetness he had not anticipated. The small but genuine smile that formed on his lips surprised him.

“Yeah, the platform is right out the doors behind me.”

“Oh, thank God,” she sighed.

She righted the suitcases and then shrugged her shoulders to drop her bags. One of them hit a suitcase and then rolled several feet away on the filed floor but she did not seem to notice. She shuffled a few more steps and then plopped down on the bench beside him. He immediately straightened his spine and slid to the furthest end of the bench, wondering why she had not sat on the empty bench beside the one he occupied. His peripheral vision caught her head turn in his direction, and he reluctantly looked back to her. He watched the corners of her lips twitch and thought she was about to smile again. Her chin quivered and then, to his surprise and gross discomfort, she burst into tears.

© C.A. Knoble 2015

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