Author C.A Knoble

Kord is sexy, controlling and just too hot for Michelle to resist beginning a torrid sexual tryst with him, even if he is her new boarder. Mysterious, charming and more than capable of fulfilling every fantasy Michelle has ever had, she finds it easy to ignore the questions others raise about Kord’s odd behavior. When both of their violent pasts collide in their conjoined present, Michelle’s very life will hang in the balance as Kord struggles with a horrid choice: save Michelle or protect his true identity; lose his human lover or expose his true nature.


Pick up Night’s Companion today and get seduced by Kord, the vampire who bites where you want him to.

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Ave’s Edit Service

Many authors have questions about the different types of editing. Here is a brief explanation.

Proofreading is the final stage in the editorial process, which includes correcting any misspelling or grammar in a manuscript.

Copy editing includes reading each sentence carefully, seeking to fix all errors of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and word usage while preserving your meaning and voice. With your permission, I may rewrite tangled sentences or suggest alternative wordings. I ensure your text conforms to your style. I also insure that any inconsistencies are corrected, including character behavior or speech.

Developmental editing is making sure your story line and characters remain consistent throughout the manuscript.

I offer all three services, either separately of all together! Contact me either at my email, or follow the link below to my Facebook page!

Ave’s Edit Services
3 tiers of editing services, including, Copy line Edit, Developmental

Author Kelsie Belle

Look what’s finally on Amazon!  Jason’s Redemption…/…/ref=asap_bc…

Jayson Tacoma has sworn off love and relationships ever since an unfortunate incident with his best friend leaves him emotionally scarred. That was until fate causes him to cross paths with the mysterious Mya Delgado, who appears in the small town of Bailey Springs seemingly out of the blue. Soon, he finds himself struggling with his overwhelming attraction to yet another dark-haired beauty and the two get caught in a game of cat and mouse that neither of them can control. Will getting involved with this woman, who harbors so many secrets, turn out to be another devastating mistake for him? Or will Mya Delgado finally be Jayson’s redemption?

 Story Excerpt

“Dammit, son of a bitch!”

The female voice came from his right, followed by the resounding slamming of a car door. The sound dragged his attention to the red coupe that was parked at the very end of the row of parked cars he had just passed. In an instant, his class was forgotten, so was the fact that he was late because, at that moment, his eyes had fallen on one very nicely rounded ass. It was conveniently turned upward for his perusal as the owner bent over to check out whatever was wrong under the hood of her car. Unbidden, his wayward eyes traveled downward, to inspect the shapely pair of legs that were attached to that fine ass. They were covered in skin fitting jeans at the moment but he could only imagine that they were just as tasty as the ass was.

Just then, the owner of the sexy ass and legs straightened, allowing a curtain of thick, dark hair to fall over her shoulders. “Damn you, you piece ‘o shit!” potty-mouth said, kicking the hood of the car for good measure, then screamed, hopping on one foot, “Ouch! Dammit.”

A rumbling chuckle escaped him. He couldn’t help it—her display of frustration with the poor car was hilarious although it was also cute as hell. “Hey! Easy there, killer,” he called out to her, turning off his designated path and heading in her direction. “What seems to be the problem?”

The hopping ended as soon as he spoke and she spun in the direction of his voice at the speed of lightning. As he neared her, he could see the hint of a flush that tinted her lovely caramel skin. Clearly she hadn’t known she had an audience. “Ah, hi,” she said, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jeans. “Did you…did you hear that?”

Jason grinned. “Sure did. Poor car didn’t stand a chance.”

A soft chuckle erupted from her lips, drawing his attention to the full, lip-gloss covered pair. Damn! He thought. Lips like those could bring a man to his fucking knees without even trying.

“Sorry ’bout that. Stupid machine always dies at the wrong moment. Just pisses me off, you know?”

“Yeah, that blows. Mind if I take a look at it?” Tossing his back-pack to the ground, he began moving toward the hood before she had a chance to respond.

“Um, I guess so,” she said noncommittally. “Knock yourself out.”

It took him less than five minutes to locate what was wrong with the car. He wasn’t a mechanic but he’d literally grown up inside a garage because his father had always been into cars. The older man had taught him a thing or two about working his way around an engine.

“Looks like you might have a busted valve,” he told her.

“Shit! Is…is that terrible?”

He glanced over his shoulder, chuckling a little when he noticed the bafflement on her pretty face. “Nah, you’ll live,” he assured her. “I’m gonna go get my tool kit, though. Be right back, okay?”

She nodded as he jogged off in the direction of his car. Ten minutes later, he’d patched up the valve but he knew it probably wouldn’t hold very long the way it was.

“Okay, start her up.”

She hopped behind the wheel and was soon cranking the engine. It rumbled a little then sputtered to life.

“Yes!” she fairly shouted, hopping out of the car again without shutting off the engine. “Oh my God, you’re a life saver! Thank you so much.”

Jay wiped his hands on the rag he kept inside his tool kit, then closed the hood before turning to her. Damn, but she was a stunner. The gentle breeze played in her hair, causing it to whip against her cheek like a drape of dark silk. Her peculiar hazel eyes gleamed like cut glass in the stark sunlight, making him feel as though he could see her soul in their depths.

“Hey, don’t sweat it,” he said, trying to shake the uncanny feeling that had come over him as he stared into her eyes. “It was no problem at all. You probably shouldn’t drive it too far like this though. I’m not sure if what I did will last very long.”

She stuck her hands into her back pockets and grinned sheepishly. Unbelievably, the gesture made her even prettier. “Don’t worry, I won’t. I’ve got an interview a few blocks from here that I need to get to but right after that this piece o’ junk is headed straight to the shop.”

“Yeah? I thought you were a student here.” He was more than a little disappointed and the statement came out sounding more like a question.

“Oh, yeah, I am. Some of us just have to work to pay our way, you know?” Her words were flippant and she tried to seem all blasé about it, but Jay could tell she wasn’t as comfortable about it as she wanted him to believe. But then, he could totally relate to that situation. After all, he was one of those people.

He offered what he hoped was a reassuring smile and extended his hand. “Welcome to the club, sweetheart. I’m Jayson, by the way, Jayson Tacoma. Or just Jay if you like.”

She glanced down at his hand briefly, as if not sure what to do with it. Then he felt velvet soft skin sliding against his as she wrapped her fingers around his much longer ones. “Hey, Jayson, or Just Jay,” she joked, returning my smile shyly. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m Samya Delgado, but just Mya is fine.”


Echo’s Thought

Damn this tiny bladder! Like seriously! I peed, brushed my teeth, and now I still have to go. I refuse, tiny bladder, I just out and out refuse! You may get me later, but I demand more than five minutes between pees!

How are you all doing this morning? Wherever you are, I hope the sun is shining bright and wonderful and the sky is that desperately gorgeous shade of blue that you just want to lose yourself in. Have a wonderful day!


Echo Shea

Author K.L Silver

master books and boxset“NOW, PLEASE OPEN YOUR MOUTH, MY DEAR…

“I recognized you the instant I inhaled your scent, my dear. Your very essence beckoned to me.”
The riveting man wasn’t quite done. With a benign smile, he spoke into the face of her apoplexy.
“Most enchanting, however, was the scent of your submission as you turned towards your Master.”
Missy bridled at the unfamiliar terms even as she recognized the ring of truth. She opened her mouth in a weak attempt to object. As if reading her mind, he gently pressed three fingers to her lips.
“Do not speak. There will be time for that later. As well, I do not recall giving you permission?”
While there was a teasing note to his words, she was only too aware of the steel enforcing them. She stopped squirming at once, eyes downcast.
Missy’s head was in the process of exploding with the reality that once again, she was obeying. Without so much as a murmur, she was submitting.
“There’s a good girl.”
She heard his words in spite of the ringing in her ears. She was positive that the fingers resting against her lips were, in fact, aflame. Their heat was scalding.
Then again, the burn did nothing to distract her from his next directive.
“Now, please open your mouth, my dear…”

Author Echo Shea

manor of sweet souls by echoManor of Sweet Souls: Gladys Celebrates:

Gladys is a troll you don’t want to mess with. A guardian to the portal, it’s Gladys’s job to keep that which goes bump in the night and shines so pretty in the day!

No body’s stuffing this troll under a bridge. Put a little Gladys in your life. #fantasy #urbanfantasy #paranormal #Amazon #freebook #freebieFriday #booklove



Roane Publishing–for those outside the US and those who want more free reads:

Author J.Richards Interview

Aviary Photo_130925248693446869

Business before Pleasure:

What inspired you to write your first book? My long time friend and fellow author was who inspired me to put the words to paper. We’ve always talked about becoming published authors but never took the steps to follow through. In January of this year she told me I should “Just do it and see what happens.” So I did, I wrote down my thoughts for what would become “Yes, Sir” and submitted it to a few electronic publishing houses.

How much real life do you put into or influences your books? Oh, tough question! I’ve always been given the advice of “write what you know and it will sound more real.” I always want to give my readers good information and a real story, the emotions of all of my characters are very real for me and so are their surroundings. I’ve been lucky enough to have lived in different parts of the country and they influence a lot of how my characters act and feel so I would say a good chunk of my work is real life in some form or another.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? Hmm, the writing is actually what come easiest to me. I’m not very good at being patient and a lot of publishing is waiting. Once my stories are finished and out of my hands is when I have the hardest time.

What are your current projects? Right now, I am starting my very first story with a female Dominant. I’m not really sure where her story will take me but I’m very excited and a little nervous about writing it.

How do you go about choosing the title for your book(s)? I like to make a list of titles I think will work for the pieces and then send them to my beta readers and see how they feel about them. Bouncing ideas off others is so helpful!

What is your favorite genre to write? BDSM Erotica 100%. Trust is something that is hard for me in real life and with BDSM, trust is everything. I love giving my characters the opportunities to fully trust each other and dig deep into their strongest desires.

Generally, how long does it take you to complete a book from idea to handing it over to your publisher? I’m a very new author and most of my works are novella length, but with that being said I’ve signed contracts for 5 novella’s and 2 novel length books since January of this year. I feel myself slowing down now and I think it’s because of all the new stuff I get to do while trying to get my books out there.

Do you ever use someone in your life as a sounding board for ideas or do you prefer to work alone? I do have a great sounding board. She is always there for me no matter the time of day to say “yeah, I like that but…” or “Seriously? Try again.”

Do your travel to research for your book(s)? Not yet. So far I have used areas where I have lived for homes for my characters but I hope to be able to travel for research soon.

Did you learn anything while writing your book(s)? I’ve learned so much while writing! Most of it is naughty, bedroom things that I didn’t know people did or even enjoyed. I just finished a book about a female with psychosis and learned so much about mental illness.

Have you ever had an idea for a book but never written it and what is it? I think everyone does. I have so many ideas running a muck in my brain but one that comes easily to me is a circus erotica I have been thinking of writing but just haven’t yet.

When writing, do you have a process? I like to write a quick outline on paper and the descriptions of my characters before jumping in and then I let my fingers hit the keys while chugging ice coffee and listening to music.

Do you have any advice for new authors looking to make their own literary statement? As it was told to me, “Just do it.” Just write what you like to read, or what you wish you could read and get it out of your system. I promise you will feel better once the trapped story is out!

How many books have you written? Do you have a particular favorite? Eight, 7 published (or on the schedule to be released) by etopia Press and one that was just finished.

Why did you choose to use a publisher instead of self-publishing? Honestly, I have PCOS, a hormone syndrome that causes me to have chronic migraine and I’m unable to work outside the home. I chose a publisher because I didn’t have to pay anything for the books to be released and that made it a lot easier for me.

Where do your ideas come from? Hmm, I’m not sure. I feel like I narrate my life as I live it and then sit down at my computer and edit things around.

How many books do you currently have published? I have five published right now.

Are you working on anything right now? I am working on that Femdom I was telling you a little about.

Do you have a favorite Hero or Heroine from any of your books and why? My favorite Hero is defiantly Dillon Wade. He is from The Wet Series and is a no non-sense man who knows what he wants and how to get it…mostly because he just takes it. He is firm and demanding but also gentle when the time calls for it and I love that about him.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your current readers or to those that haven’t yet read your work(s)? I know we all hear from authors/actors who say “without you, it wouldn’t be possible,” but it’s so true!! I appreciate every single reader, every person who glances at my teasers and thinks about possibly reading one of my books. I can’t even begin to say how much their time spent on reading me, means to me.

More About You ~ The Fun and the Naughty

Share one thing about yourself that would surprise people who know you. Hmm, tricky. I’m very open, I’m not sure what would surprise the people who know me. Oh, I know what always gets people… I “met” my husband when I was 12 and he was 19 in a yahoo chat room. We didn’t meet physically until I was 18.

Doggy style, cow girl or missionary? Doggy style!

What secret sinful pleasure do you keep hidden in your cupboards? Hersey Hugs. Shh, please don’t tell my five year old!

Are you a wine or beer kinda gal? I started as a beer girl but now I’m kind of a straight Vodka girl.

If you could go anywhere at all on your next vacation where would you go? Somewhere sunny, an island with clear water.

If you could choose any hot famous guy to take with you who would it be and why? LL Cool J, I know, I know, he’s older but he is my everything!

Thong, Bikinis, Granny Panties, or Boy shorts? Boyshorts.

Are you a dress up in heels or a jeans and flats woman? Jeans and flipflops all the way!

Homebody or Party all the time girl? Mostly a homebody but when I do go out, I’m kind of the loud one.

Tall, Dark and Deadly or Smart and Sexy or Athletic and Funny? Ermm, can I wrap them all together? Maybe smart and sexy, I love a man who fucks my mind before my body.

Significant other or Tearing up the town free and clear? Significant other, I’d be lost without him.

Favorite social network and why? Facebook! Basically because I don’t know how to use the others. Don’t judge me lol

What was your “dream” job as a child? To own a pet resort. A day care for puppies and kittens while their parents were at work or on vacation.

What was the worst job you ever had while working towards being a published author? I wasn’t trying to be an author at the time but for some silly reason I thought I wanted to work in retail and worked for a woman’s clothing store…awful!

What would be your next best choice if not writing as a career? Owning that pet resort.

About Your Latest Release

Introduce us to the main characters: Jessica is an interior designer dating a classic all American boy, except he likes to watch her have sex with other men. She goes along with his games in hopes that it will bring them together and strength their relationship but instead

she only begins to hate him. Dillon Wade is her new neighbor, he’s a contractor for the military and all Dom!

 How do these two meet? They meet when Dillon helps bring in Jess’s groceries…without asking… he just follows her into the house and rocks her world.

How would you characterize their relationship in one word answers, start, middle and end? Start- Physical. Middle- trusting. End- Fulfilling.

 What three words would you use to describe this story? Hot, Intense and Demanding!

Blurb: Drenched in Dominance By J. Richards

The Dom Next Door…

Jessica is drowning in her unhappy relationship. Her boyfriend Joey gladly handles the chores and the cooking in exchange for her willingness to allow him to bring his friends into their bedroom. While she has no real objections to the games Joey wants her to play, she’s still never satisfied. That is, until Dillon moves in next door. The big, sexy Dominant pushes his way into her head and takes over her thoughts until she can think of nothing but him. Joey is willing to let Dillon join their fun, but that isn’t what Dillon wants. He wants Jessica all to himself—his perfect submissive. And Jessica knows before he can teach her to find satisfaction, she’ll have to learn how to trust…

Aviary Photo_130926315954732617

Author J.Richards

j. richards DDTEASE☆.•°☆*☆°•.☆Read J.Richards for FREE in ‪#‎KindleUnlimited‬☆.•°☆*☆°•.☆
Is getting everything you want worth losing everything you have?
Yes, Sir ~~
The Submission Series Book One
Burning Submission ~~
Not all who wander are lost…
Sinners ~~
Drenched in Dominance~~


Author Krystal White

This is a compilation of all five Alessandra Powell books: Unforeseen, Superseded, Solace, Vanquish and Permanence.
Unforeseen, book one is free here on Amazon.

Go get it people its only $6.99 and a great series from beginning to end. You will laugh, cry, get turn on with the passion the characters have for each other, these books are a great rollercoaster ride you will be hooked on the first ride. Krystal White is wonderful author and this series is Amazing.

krystal Alessandra box sex cover