Echo’s Thought

Good morning, everyone! How are you doing this fine Wednesday morning? Me, I’m sitting here, watching the traffic go by, the sky a shade of faded denim, the clothes warm from the dryer and piled into a haphazard mess on the bed, ready for the morning rush.

You know, there’s something so pleasurable about sitting down at your desk and typing out your thoughts, out of the way of the world. Sitting here now, it almost mystifies me why I keep fighting it–sitting at the kitchen table or propping myself at weird angles on the couch. This is how it feels the best: wearing a long sleeve shirt so it protects your wrists from the keyboard. Shoulders back. Feet crossed at the ankles or searching for purchase under the desk even as they feel like ice, and a beautiful view of the world. It’s so quaint and thoughtful. Just look up into the broadening blue sky, trees reaching up for it, arching for it, branches barren with winter’s breath. This is gorgeous and wonderful. So perfect. Even the cobweb in the corner of the blinds just makes it more real–though seriously, someone remind me to vacuum that.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope you have an absolutely gorgeous day.


Echo Shea