Author K.L Silver

master books and boxset“NOW, PLEASE OPEN YOUR MOUTH, MY DEAR…

“I recognized you the instant I inhaled your scent, my dear. Your very essence beckoned to me.”
The riveting man wasn’t quite done. With a benign smile, he spoke into the face of her apoplexy.
“Most enchanting, however, was the scent of your submission as you turned towards your Master.”
Missy bridled at the unfamiliar terms even as she recognized the ring of truth. She opened her mouth in a weak attempt to object. As if reading her mind, he gently pressed three fingers to her lips.
“Do not speak. There will be time for that later. As well, I do not recall giving you permission?”
While there was a teasing note to his words, she was only too aware of the steel enforcing them. She stopped squirming at once, eyes downcast.
Missy’s head was in the process of exploding with the reality that once again, she was obeying. Without so much as a murmur, she was submitting.
“There’s a good girl.”
She heard his words in spite of the ringing in her ears. She was positive that the fingers resting against her lips were, in fact, aflame. Their heat was scalding.
Then again, the burn did nothing to distract her from his next directive.
“Now, please open your mouth, my dear…”

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