Author C.A. Knoble

A corporate attack left Carlo a pariah in the business world. Emma Knowles, the orchestrator of the damage, has consumed his thoughts since. He focused all his energies on his vengeance and rebuilt his empire. Now Carlo finds himself in the enviable position of ruining Emma, buying out her company and exacting his revenge. In desperation, she offers him a prize that will be much more satisfying – she offers herself, for one week, to do with as he pleases. His mind races with the degrading acts he can subject her to in this different but appealing retribution. Carlo accepts her offer.

Shortly after Emma’s arrival at his house, he begins to question his decision. It is apparent more than business interests motivated Emma when she ruined him. Her true reason eludes him and Carlo struggles to uncover the truth. He is plunged into an examination of the past and his own morals. As he discovers he is not the man he believed, it becomes obvious that Emma, his arch-nemesis, holds the key to his salvation.

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