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Business before Pleasure:

What inspired you to write your first book? Writing is so much fun for me. I always wanted to complete a novel, but couldn’t wrap my mind around the goal until I had my son. That’s when I got really serious about it and actually finished one. And Paramour for the Devil is the story that called to me in the night, begging me to write it. Even though I was a little embarrassed for my friends to read the erotic, violent stuff in my head.

How much real life do you put into or influences your books? I definitely draw from my own life when I write. My friends and my man influenced most of the characters in the book. There’s a scene where Damian comforts Haley while she’s mourning, and it’s the exact same way my man comforted me when I lost someone close.

What is the hardest part of writing for you? Writing a novel takes so many hours, days, and weeks. It’s hard to find the solitude I need and still accomplish my daily tasks and spend time with my family. It’s also difficult when you actually get that perfect alone time, and you’re all set to write, and then the story just doesn’t come to you. I feel like a failure when that happens. LOL

What are your current projects? I just finished Unchained Love, a novella about a wealthy girl whose wicked father is running an underground fighting ring, and she falls for the fighter chained in the wine cellar. Now I’m working on Seducing the Devil, the sequel to Paramour for the Devil. There are two more novels in the Hawthorne Witches series about Haley’s cousins, Emily and Cassie. They fall in love with very bad supernatural men. I also plan to write novellas (or possibly full-length novels) about Haley’s brothers, Adam and Stephen.

How do you go about choosing the title for your book(s)? So many hours of brainstorming and scouring lists of words on the internet. The title is almost the hardest part for me. I still don’t have titles for books three and four in the Hawthorne Witches series. My publishing contract just says “TBD”.

What is your favorite genre to write? Definitely erotic romance, I don’t think I could write anything else. I’ve only written paranormal so far. I think I might branch out and do a non-paranormal in the future.

Generally, how long does it take you to complete a book from idea to handing it over to your publisher?Paramour for the Devil took around 10 months to complete. I took a lot of breaks, though. My current novels each have 6 month deadlines, so I’ll need to step it up for these.

Do you ever use someone in your life as a sounding board for ideas or do you prefer to work alone? I bounce things off of my man, and sometimes my mom or my fathers. For the most part though, I don’t have anyone in my everyday life who really gets my stories on that deep level, so I work alone.

Do you travel to research for your book(s)? Google is my favorite research tool. My current story is always running in the back of my mind, so I keep my eyes open in my daily life to learn more about whatever I’m writing.

Did you learn anything while writing your book(s)? I learned that I feel happiest and most like a complete person when I’m working on creating a novel.

Have you ever had an idea for a book but never written it and what is it?Oh yeah, tons of ideas! Basically, they’re all plans for future books. I have one idea about an erotic romance author who falls in love with the cover model for her book.

When writing, do you have a process? I usually write a few lines to describe each scene in a separate document from the actual novel. I use that to keep track of the story as a whole and what I want to accomplish in each scene.

Do you have any advice for new authors looking to make their own literary statement? If I had any advice to give, it would be to write exactly what you love and to push past your fears. Hard work and perseverance will always produce great results.

How many books have you written? Do you have a particular favorite? I’ve written one unpublished short story (Kushman Chronicles, about a girl who eats a marijuana cookie and has quite a trippy few days), one full-length published novel (Paramour for the Devil), and one novella (Unchained Love). I have several novels contracted with my publisher.

Why did you choose to use a publisher instead of self-publishing?It’s a lot easier to have your publisher take care of everything for you. The other authors with my publisher are so fun, it feels like we’re all part of a big Etopia family.

Where do your ideas come from? My fantasies, usually. J I also spend a LOT of time brainstorming ideas. I write what I would like to read or see in a movie.

How many books do you currently have published? Just one so far, Paramour for the Devil, the story about a branded, celibate witch (Haley Hawthorne) who falls in love with the son of Satan (Damian).

Are you working on anything right now? I’m writing Seducing the Devil, Haley and Damian go back to Hell to battle Lucifer and his brother, Raden.

Do you have a favorite Hero or Heroine from any of your books and why?Actually, I’m a really big fan of Royal and Maddox, the couple from my novella, Unchained Love. Maddox is a bloodling, and the alpha of his pack. Though they appear to be ordinary men, they crave blood and organs, but he and his pack aren’t a danger to humans, they hunt animals to keep their savage urges at bay. I have ideas for future books about his pack brothers and possibly Royal’s evil sister, Gwen, being redeemed and falling for a bloodling herself.

Do you have anything you would like to say to your current readers or to those that haven’t yet read your work(s)? THANK YOU for reading! Authors couldn’t exist without readers, and I love sharing my work with them.

More About You ~ The Fun and the Naughty

Share one thing about yourself that would surprise people who know you.I gotta say, people were very surprised to hear that I wrote such a violent erotic romance. They all expected a romantic comedy.

Doggy style, cow girl or missionary? Whoa! Getting right down to it! If I had to choose, I’d pick doggy style.

What secret sinful pleasure do you keep hidden in your cupboards? In my cupboards! LOL I secretly adore BDSM, but probably more in just a fantasy realm rather than real-life.

Are you a wine or beer kinda gal?I am more of a Jack Daniels sort of girl. I like beer in the summertime though. Or a nice crispy Blue Moon in the winter with an orange.

If you could go anywhere at all on your next vacation where would you go? I had a dream the other night that I went to Disney World. It’s thinking pretty small, compared to the entire world, but I’ve always wanted to go to a theme park like that. I have a giant list of vacation destinations I’d like to visit. Hawaii and Paris are at the top of the list.

If you could choose any hot famous guy to take with you who would it be and why? I haven’t had a crush on an actor in ages, but I just watched The Man from U.N.C.L.E with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer, and I fell in love with Armie Hammer’s Russian character. Actually, I wouldn’t mind taking both of them. LOL

Thong, Bikinis, Granny Panties, or Boy shorts? Boy shorts unless I’m in a dress or tight pants and don’t want panty lines. In that case, a thong.

Are you a dress up in heels or a jeans and flats woman? I love both, depending on the occasion.

Homebody or Party all the time girl? I used to be a party all the time girl until I had my son. Then I was spending so much time at home, I decided to really explore my writing. My friends have hardly seen me at all since. J

Tall, Dark and Deadly or Smart and Sexy or Athletic and Funny? All of those things sound perfectly wonderful to me.

Significant other or Tearing up the town free and clear? I’m definitely happier settled down with one amazing man.

Favorite social network and why? Facebook is certainly the most fun and interactive one for me.

What was your “dream” job as a child? I always wanted to be an author. I very distinctly remember my mother telling me it was not easy to become a famous author and I’d probably need to do something else. LOL! She would kill me if she knew I said that. And probably totally deny ever telling me that.

What was the worst job you ever had while working towards being a published author? I’ve actually always loved my jobs. I worked at a video store in high school. That was a total blast, I’ve always loved movies and books. Now I work from home as an administrative assistant for a medical marijuana company, it’s an incredible job and gives me the opportunity to write and take care of my son.

What would be your next best choice if not writing as a career?I would love to own my own business, especially if it was some sort of entertainment business. Sadly bookstores are a dying breed, but I’d love to own one if it could be profitable. I’d like my son to have a built-in job at whichever business I owned and give him a good idea of responsibility at a young age.

About Your Latest Release

Introduce us to the main characters:

Haley is a shy witch with a traumatic past. Her past has caused her to be celibate for five years and sort of crawl into her own shell. Damian is the son of Satan. He’s renounced his wicked family to work for Adversus, a government agency, where he hunts evil supernatural monsters. He’s always acted as a Dominant with casual sex partners in the past. Haley is the first girl he begins to actually fall for.

 How do these two meet? He works with her brothers and he meets her while helping them research a mission.

How would you characterize their relationship in one word answers, start, middle and end? In the beginning, I’d call them “Conflicted”. The middle, I’d describe their relationship as “Erotic”. Then in the end I’d call them “Soulmates”.

What three words would you use to describe this story? Dirty, violent, and romantic.


The Hawthorne Witches Series Book One  Darkly erotic. Supremely powerful.  Haley Hawthorne is a witch. She shuns her paranormal gifts, instead escaping into a mundane, reclusive life as an accountant for her Uncle Eli’s firm. Five years earlier, Haley was kidnapped by Raden, brother of Lucifer, and held captive as his personal sex slave. She escaped but still bears the scars, both physical and emotional. Now she has turned away from both magic and sex, and she’s certain nothing will ever bring those lost things back into her life…  Damian, son to Lucifer, has renounced his right to the throne of Hell and has become a soldier for Adversus, hunting evil supernatural creatures on Earth. Unfortunately, he’s powerless to witches, andthis witch can read his mind. He can’t decide what is more dangerous—the irresistible attraction he feels for her, or the intoxicating peace she gives him. One thing is certain, they both share a tortured past.  After Damian rescues her from an attack by monstrous djinn, Haley discovers the dangerously seductive soldier has secrets of his own. Oneof them is the collection of whips, ropes, handcuffs, and leather riding crops he keeps locked away, though he refuses to show her his “Master” side. As her trust in him grows, she finds herself increasingly intrigued by all the kinky things he’s hiding. But Damian has been given a new mission to kill a monster. A monster that turns out to be her uncle…

Damian abruptly woke on the couch in the darkened living room with the sense he was being watched. He furrowed his brows at the dangerous witch in front of him, scarcely able to make out her hourglass figure in the sliver of sunlight from a gap in the curtain.
“What are you doing?” Lowering his arm to his side, he sat upright.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” Haley’s gaze darted downward. “I was…” He tried to probe her mind, and she promptly pushed him out, forming an invisible shield around her thoughts. “I was looking for Adam.” She cleared her throat lightly.
Panicked by her unknown intentions as his eyes adjusted to the low light in the room, he pinpointed his gaze on her. A blur of white and black polka dotted silk, awkwardly standing with her face turned away from him. Her neckline plunged deeply, brought up to tie in a silky bow behind her slender neck, accentuating her bare shoulders.
“He’s in the library.” Surprised at how soft his own voice sounded, Damian suddenly felt an intense urge to pull at the ribbon until it slid down her perky breasts.
“Oh, alright, thank you.” Her eyes wandered nervously. “I wasn’t…um…watching you.”
He raised an eyebrow as her creamy complexion turned pink.
“Adam, I mean, Aimee said Adam was in here, so…” The girl could barely breathe.
Shameful self-loathing tore through him as he recalled her tear-filled eyes, their bright blue depths staring up at him from Raden’s table.
She rushed to the doorway, a black tulle slip under the hem of her dress swaying at her sexy thighs. With a sudden ache in his groin, he caught a peek at the red soles on her black high heels. Her ponytail bounced as she hurried away from him. He imagined how she would look perched on his lap without any clothes on.
Forcefully eliminating that thought from his mind, he stood, cracking his neck back and forth, and headed into the sun-soaked hallway. She’s a goddamn witch, what are you thinking? He happened to be oddly vulnerable to their magic, rendered completely powerless, and tended to harbor an automatic hatred for them. If this beautiful witch was, in fact, planning any kind of vengeance toward him, he’d be royally fucked. Not to mention, she’s Adam and Stephen’s little sister. That’s gotta be some kind of guy code violation.

Walking into an empty bathroom, he undressed to take a shower and found his cock standing firmly at attention. He rolled his eyes. Even if you did want her, I’m sure she fucking hates you. You let her get tortured while you sat inches away. Leave her the fuck alone.

He scrubbed himself hard in the shower, trying to rid his mind of her, but was still achingly swollen between his legs. His thoughts drifted to what she’d looked like sleeping next to him the day before, perfect pink nipples barely showing through her lacy white top in just the right light, those sexy fuck-me heels with the red soles as she walked away. He’d never experienced such a strong attraction to anyone before, and it was insanely distracting, especially since she was entirely off-limits to him.

Lowering his head in frustration, he let the water wash over him for a moment. Just thinking about her couldn’t hurt anything. He moved his hand to his pulsing cock and began to stroke it.

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