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Echo Shea

༺❃༻Light a Candle for the Beast༺❃༻

Beauty and the Beast was never so thrilling–revenge and haunting regrets create an #urbanfantasy #fairytale to leave you on the edge until the very end….

In a dark and twisted tale, Echo Shea has given us, pain, loss, torture, revenge and finally emotional healing. Light a Candle for the Beast has depth, atmosphere and a dark fairytale feel that will hold you spellbound from start to finish. Not only does Ms. Shea know how to evoke connection and emotions, she has done it in very few pages. You will walk away satisfied, and slightly mystified at how this author could complete a novel’s worth of story in a short read that can be finished over lunch or when one has a few moments of quiet time to slip away into another world.”—Tome Tender, 5 stars

“This book put a wonderful spin on the Beauty and the Beast! I love how the author incorporated one of my favorite fairytales and turned it into a new age story with a twist. Echo Shea has a great way with words and an eye for detail. She kept the story flowing seamlessly while keeping the reader intrigued and excited. She brings out the emotions in her characters wonderfully. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants a quick read that’ll keep you clinging on from beginning to end. Excellent job Ms, Shea!”—My Book Angel, 5 stars

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