Sara Anderson

Lucas Dalton had everything a wolf shifter could want in life until a human woman murdered his pregnant mate. Filled with grief and the need for vengeance against the humans who murdered his family, Lucas hunts humans he feels pose a danger to shifters. Lucas’s friend and fellow guardian, Michael, had no choice but to judge and banish Lucas.
Years later Lucas works his way back into shifter territory. Although years have eased his grief, but his hatred of humans and the burning need for vengeance lingers.
Then Jennifer McCallen stumbles into his life. She is everything he hates, not only a human, but also a private investigator with ties to law enforcement as well. So why can’t he stay away from her? The more determined he is to avoid her, the more he finds himself seeking her out. He tries telling her he is a dangerous and deadly man she should avoid, but she doesn’t believe him. She sees something in him he was sure died with his mate, a good man.
Lucas’s plans to keep Jennifer away from him evaporate when a killer targets Jennifer. Will Jennifer be the one who melts the ice around Lucas’s heart and redeems him from being the fallen guardian?
All romance-…

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