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Carlo had it all, a charmed life that included a beautiful wife and a thriving business. In talks to merge his company with the much larger Knowles Enterprises, a lucrative move he is certain will transpire smoothly, Emma Knowles suddenly informs him the deal is off. Moreover, she will ruin his business. Shocked at her sudden about face, he doubts the effect on him will be as devastating as her ominous threat foretold. Yet, he soon finds himself divorced, broke and a pariah in the business world.

Twelve years later, Carlo has rebuilt his empire and is once more in a position of power. He has focused his energies on one goal, vengeance. When he is poised to execute a hostile takeover of her company, Emma desperately offers him an alternate. She offers herself, for a week, to do with as he pleases. He accepts her offer, keen on subjecting her to degradation, breaking her and finally exacting his revenge.

It is soon apparent that something else is at play. Emma’s past attack was not unwarranted; she had good reason to do what she did. He struggles to uncover what her motivations were and what event drove her to such a cruel act. As he plummets into a scathing self-examination, his past acts are unveiled. Carlo realizes he is not the man he thought he was and that Emma is more complicated than he could imagine. A searing passion ignites within him, along with an intense need for atonement and forgiveness. Can he convince Emma he is not the man she believes him to be when even he questions who he truly is?


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