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The Airendell Chronicles series by Audra Hart revolves around the sexy adventures and exploits of the Spell Weavers of Airendell, as well denizens of Norse, Greek, Celtic and Roman mythology. If you are a fan of KICK-ASS warrior women…then you really need to meet Morna.

She was cursed in 1435 to be continually reincarnated without her powers or any memory of who she really is. In each incarnation her true mate, Lucian, searches tirelessly for her and watches over her… sometimes they are reunited as mates and sometimes not. However, Lucian never fails his mate, and Morna always manages to show her true strength despite the overwhelming odds she faces.

Begin your journey through magical realms with Lucian and Morna in the Lost Wanderer Awakened as they overcome ancient enemies, build a strong family and sow the seeds of a new dynasty of Immortal beings.

There are 3 installments in the romantic saga of Lucian and Morna Michaels, each sexy and exciting tale is available at Amazon.

Lost Wanderer Awakened – Book One of the Airendell Chronicles –

First Spell Weaver of Airendell – Book Two of the Airendell Chronicles –

Wicked Rage of the Moon – Book Three of the Airendell Chronicles –

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